Silent Road's predictive platform vs. traditional analysis

Traditional analysis

With little on-the-field history, it's difficult for traditional analysis to provide effective information. The results of only a few meetings could easily be driven by luck or other factors that don't reflect player talent.

First-time matchup

0 for 0

Predictive analysis

On the other hand, Silent Road's predictive analytics platform uses the power of event-based modeling to generate a detailed analysis for a player match-up. This analysis captures how their abilities will interact, regardless of how many times the players have met on the field before.

A custom analytics pipeline that turns data into answers

Import data

We take data from sources such as Stats API. As new events occur on the field, we update our data set to include them.

Process data

As data is brought into the platform, it gets processed, cleansed, and combined with our proprietary data.

Generate models

Our system analyzes every pitcher and hitter action on the field, rapidly incorporating new data points and readily adapting to them.

Analyze results

Our models calculate the probabilities of events occurring on the field. From them we can create unique analyses tailored to your needs.

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  • Get the best information with Silent Road's predictive analytics platform to maximize your players' opportunities for success.
  • Discover insights live on the field during the game either on paper or a tablet that conforms with MLB's conditional technology use guidelines.
  • Use targeted analysis to prepare for future games and evaluate your performance in previous ones.
  • Customize the analysis generated by the platform for your team's unique needs.